Dance Floor Etiquette

Most of the following tips apply to any kind of dancing, but it’s worth mentioning them:

  • Don’t smoke on the dance floor. The damage to the floor by cigarette ends is one reason not to do it, the damage to other people’s clothes is another.
  • Don’t eat or drink on the dance floor. You’ll only spill it and nobody wants to dance through that!
  • Don’t stand talking on the dance floor once the music has started.
  • Don’t hog the floor. You need a certain amount of space, but everybody’s moving in the same direction at the same time, so you don’t need that much.
  • Line dancing is about doing the same steps as everybody else. So don’t start doing a different dance, unless there is room for you to go and do your own thing, and unless you know it is acceptable.
  • If the floor is crowded, take small steps.
  • If you collide with somebody, apologise even if it isn’t really your fault. This keeps everybody sweet.
  • In some places, particularly the US, line dancing is done at the same time and on the same floor as partner dancing. Remember, partner dances have the outside of the floor, line dancers have the middle. In this situation, at the start of the dance line up facing one of the long edges of the floor. Also remember that dancers round the outside have ‘right of way’.
  • Don’t try to teach someone the steps while a dance is in progress. Find somewhere quiet, out of the way, or wait until another time.
  • Don’t walk across the dance area while a dance is in progress. Walk round or wait.
  • You will develop your own ‘style’ if you line dance long enough. But don’t go crazy. People are there to enjoy themselves, which they won’t if your ‘style’ involves acting like a demented windmill.
  • Smile, darn it, and enjoy yourself!
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